About Me

Whoa, you actually want to know more about me? That’s pretty cool. I’ll try my best to tell you my story, and how I got into making music.

Once upon a time… actually a pretty long time ago, I was stuck at home on my PC all day, basically every day. I occasionally got out for a little bit, and one day while I was at the mall browsing Electronics Boutique (that gives you an idea on how long ago this way), I stumbled across some music making software. Okay, maybe it was intended more as a game, but it had a sequence editor and a decent library of samples to play with. I bought it, and took it home with me.

Over the next few months, I got pretty involved with it, and created my first 2 albums, “Abstract Reality” and “Music 2 Roll 2”. I basically only really made them for myself, and for my friends. People I knew with good stereo systems in their cars really enjoyed the bass, and one of the albums even ended up in the juke box at my favorite hangout spot. The owners mom liked it.

Eventually I ran out of ideas with the limited sample set that came with the software, and while I could import outside samples, it did something weird to damage the audio quality pretty badly. I ended up with another similar program at this point, which worked very much the same way but had much better samples, and was made exclusively for creating electronic music. At this point I was really into the genre, and it was becoming almost all I listened to. I created another album, “Hybrid Methods”. This one was really popular with my friends, especially a song I wrote called “Gods Unwanted Children”, which was good enough that when a friend of mine moved away last year he requested I make him a modern remix of the track, just so he could hear my modern interpretation of it. This was the result.

Unfortunately I only really ended up getting one album out of that software. I needed something better. The hunt for better creation tools began. I didn’t have much money, so getting actual hardware was basically out of the question. A friend suggested Acid Pro 4.0 to me, so I gave it a whirl. Oh man, with Acid Pro, along with access to samples I downloaded on the internet, I was cranking out albums left and right. I still basically knew nothing about actually creating music, but I was having fun piecing things together. I even used it to remix (and mix together) my favorite tracks, and started cranking out mix CD’s left and right. Don’t judge me, everyone did it back then! I knew I wasn’t really making that music, but nobody cared.

One day I finally decided that it’s time I learn how to actually make this stuff for real. I downloaded a copy of Fruity Loops (now FL Studio) and got to work. It was a much different work flow for me, and a pretty steep learning curve. I drew on inspiration from my favorite artists that were growing ever more complex in their musical structure, as well as more simplistic tracks that I felt I could recreate the feel of. I cranked out a lot of shitty tracks. I still crank out a lot of shitty tracks.

Eventually I started to get better. I managed to get into a work flow. I got my hands on some better software synthesizers (Massive, Sylenth, Serum). I started learning how to master, how to sidechain, how to work with the EQ to balance out my sound better, while getting a much fuller, fatter sound from the finished product. It’s nowhere near as easy as the software I started with, but I’m beginning to learn that I can do anything.

With any luck, my newest material might help me make it big from my very humble beginnings.